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Navigating Life's Turning Points

SwaffWords© for 7/10/24—"Power"

Published: Wed, 07/10/24

"Power" Share / Read Online Welcome to July! And here we are, more than halfway through the year… So let's consider our relationship to 'power'. Yes,…

SwaffWords© for 6/26/24—"Let It Go"

Published: Wed, 06/26/24

"Let It Go" Share / Read Online Here's to the beginning of summer for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere—a bit of a formality what with all the…

SwaffWords© for 5/22/24—"Problem?"

Published: Wed, 05/22/24

"Problem?" Share / Read Online Let's end the month with a reframe—and once we've done that, we'll reframe the reframe. Got it? Good. So often in the…

SwaffWords© for 4/24/24—"Tenses"

Published: Wed, 04/24/24

"Tenses" Share / Read Online Hello and farewell to the remaining days of April. Now that spring break is winding down, let's get back to class—just…

SwaffWords© for 4/10/24—"Oubaitori"

Published: Wed, 04/10/24

"Oubaitori" Share / Read Online Welcome to April—the cruelest month, as the poet says. And I agree. To me, it's always been a bittersweet mi ture of…

SwaffWords© for 3/13/24—"Inner Fires"

Published: Wed, 03/13/24

"Inner Fires" Share / Read Online Welcome to March. We've changed the clocks and we're moving towards the Equino . In short, we're moving back into…

SwaffWords© for 2/28/24—"Vibes"

Published: Wed, 02/28/24

"Vibes" Share / Read Online Farewell to February—almost. One e tra day before we leap into ne t month. May it be a gentle, yet productive leap. While…

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