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Navigating Life's Turning Points

SwaffWords© for 12/13/23—"'Tis The Season"

Published: Wed, 12/13/23

"'Tis The Season" Share / Read Online And so the end of the year is almost upon us… In light of this, I thought a bit of a recap and a roadmap going…

SwaffWords© for 11/10/23—"Zip It"

Published: Fri, 11/10/23

"Zip It" Share / Read Online Can you feel it? that rush of the holidays fast approaching? If so, then let's put some practices in place to counter…

SwaffWords© for 10/13/23—"Whispers"

Published: Fri, 10/13/23

"Whispers" Share / Read Online Welcome to October—and—the beginning of the rush to the end of the year. As we move more deeply into this season of…

SwaffWords© for 9/08/23—"A Spoonful"

Published: Fri, 09/08/23

"A Spoonful" Share / Read Online Welcome to September and all that this time of year implies—getting back into the daily routine; school; work;…

SwaffWords© for 8/25/23—"Forever"

Published: Fri, 08/25/23

"Forever" Share / Read Online And so we're standing by to say farewell to August…and so it goes. When I reach this point in the year, time tends to…

SwaffWords© for 8/11/23—"Waited Too Long"

Published: Fri, 08/11/23

"Waited Too Long" Share / Read Online Here we are—almost midway through a new month—and—we're more than halfway to the beginning of autumn. How does…

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